Waterproof Core Flooring Made With Stone Composite
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Beautiful Flooring Built to Last

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Waterproof Core Flooring

Waterproof Core Flooring is the Natural Choice for Beautiful Homes

Waterproof Core Flooring is an innovative flooring option that combines the beauty of natural flooring with enhanced durability. Also called “Wood Plastic Composite,” (WPC), Calcore’s Waterproof Core flooring is designed with a rigid waterproof inner core made of stone composite that has a protective top coating with a wear surface that has aluminum oxide to creates durable flooring and attractive high definition printed patterns.

Benefits of Waterproof Core Flooring range from aesthetic variety and easy installation to durability and safety. Choose from an almost endless variety of surface styles, such as stone, Venetian marble, exotic hardwoods, and ceramic designs. Installing your beautiful new waterproof core floors can be as easy as snapping the tiles or planks into place over your old floors.

Thanks to expert craftsmanship, Waterproof Core Flooring is built to last. Unlike natural wood, it’s impervious to liquid spills and resists scratches, dings, and daily wear. WPC also maintains its shape, without expanding, contracting or warping the way natural wood does over time. You will also have greater peace of mind with every installation thanks to eco-friendly sourcing, LEED certification and stone composite cores.

Enjoy excellent benefits and unparalleled beauty throughout your home when you choose Waterproof Core Flooring from Calcore.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring

LVP Flooring is an Ideal Choice for Homes and Businesses

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is a flooring that is durable and affordable. The thin and durable nature of vinyl means it is very versatile for many spaces in homes and businesses. 

Calcore’s vinyl plank flooring designs are varied and rich with colors in compelling patterns. We have designed these to be versatile for many décor choices for both homes and businesses, so wherever you want to place it it will fit in and compliment your space.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is ideal for commercial applications. It is cost effective, durable, and will stand up to the wear that commercials spaces and businesses are known for. With the glue-down installation our LVP is ideal for places where there will be carts, chairs, or other heavy traffic traversing the area.

LVP is an ideal product for people in wheelchairs or require assistance from anything that is rolling. This is because of the glue-down nature of LVP installation. As convenient and innovative as the click together systems, these systems are not built to withstand heavy weight being rolled over them and will often fail when exposed to this amount of pressure. That’s why LVP is an ideal choice for these applications in the home and in commercial spaces.

Thanks to expert craftsmanship, our LVP is built to last. Enjoy excellent benefits and unparalleled beauty throughout your home when you choose luxury vinyl plank from Calcore.

Eco Friendly Sourcing

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