Carissima Series

Two Enduring Styles

These two flooring styles are designed to look like real tile. With the same durable qualities as all of our waterproof core flooring and highly detailed designs including small grout lines – this flooring is certain to bring your dream space to life. 

The tile size is 18″ x 36″ and boasts a 6.5mm thickness made up of 5mm of product plus 1.5mm attached pad for easy installation. 

With high-quality Calcore flooring you will find it easy to install and maintain. The advantage of stone composite core makes this waterproof core flooring ideal for high traffic areas and spaces that are likely to see spills such as entry ways, kitchens, bathrooms, or workspaces.



Quick Specifications

Tile Size 18″ x 36″
Tile Overall Thickness 6.5 mm
Tile Core Type Waterproof Core Made With Stone Composite
Tile Core Thickness 5 mm
Installation Click Together Tiles for Quick Install
Padding Attached to Tile – 1.5 mm
Wear Surface 20 mil wear surface that has aluminum oxide – creating a durable surface.
Other Features Random texture embossing

Eco Friendly Sourcing

Our Flooring is Made With Care