LVP / LVT Warranty

This warranty information is for Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) / Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) products including Stayton Series and Pavimentum Series.

Exclusive Limited Warranty

Calcore warrants that its flooring will be free from manufacturing defects and, under normal maintenance, will not wear resulting in loss of original pattern.

Pre-Installation Limited Warranty

Calcore warrants that this product is free of visual defects. You or your installer should carefully inspect each piece before installation. Any piece to have a visual defect should not be installed. Calcore will not be responsible for any claim regarding visual defects. Use constitutes acceptance.

Lifetime Residential & 10 Year Commercial Limited Warranties

The vinyl wear layer of the floor plank is warranted by Calcore not to wear through under normal use for the life of the product.  Wear layer is defined as 100% wear though of surface that exposes the core material over a minimum of 5% of the total installation. Specific heavy wear of abused areas will not qualify for overall wear warranty. If 100% vinyl wear layer is determined to have occurred. Calcore will arrange a pro-rated credit based on the terms outlined below in the section labeled “Terms of Lifetime Limited Warranties”. This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser. This Limited Warranty only applies provided the recommended installation instructions and maintenance procedures are followed. If product is found to be effective, manufacturer will supply new product of the same or similar size, style, color and grade for replacement of the defective area and will pay reasonable labor cost if it was professionally installed or will repair damaged section. If floor repairs or replacement is deemed result of warranty claim, end user will be required to clear and give access to affected area at end users expense. Labor must be provided by a certified licensed flooring installer, using the proper installation and maintenance instructions. The replacement/repair installer must be approved by Calcore or Calcore original seller of product. Residential, Commercial or Multi family wear warranty will be covered under this Warranty. Lifetime Wear for Residential, 10 Year Wear for Commercial, 10 Year Wear for Multi Family

Exclusions to Residential, Multi Family & Commercial Warranties

Dissatisfaction due to improper installation or maintenance. No labor cost will be provided for products sold as “Do it Yourself” Damages resulting from misuse or abuse including, but not limited to, tears, gouges, scratches, chipped edges, surface moisture, water leaks, spills, subfloor moisture, burns, pet damage, fading, odor, tapes, adhesives, cuts, soiling, hair dye, fading, warping, cracking, indentations, damage caused by improper cleaning products, brooms or methods, as well as changes in appearance caused by, but not limited to furniture, appliances, athletic equipment, rolling chairs, caster wheels, or heavy wheeled devices or other furniture without proper floor protector Installation of flooring outside, exposed to weather. Protective mats are required for office use. Do not use detergents, abrasive cleaners or topically applied finish products. Damage due to direct sunlight baking floor. The floor needs protection from extended sunlight. The sun coming directly through a window will add to the heat on the surface of the floor and damage the floor. The flooring requires curtains, blinds, drapes, shears, or solar film to help disperse the sunlight and protect your floor against thermal dimensional changes and discoloration from exposure to direct sunlight. Damage due to extreme conditions. Floor should be installed in a climate-controlled environment with an ambient temperature range between 55F-85 degrees Fahrenheit or average temperature of 70 degrees and a humidity range of 35%-55% during installation and life of floor. It is necessary to maintain temperature ranges before, during and after installation. Lack of HVAC system, humidifiers or dehumidifiers maintaining floors at optimal range. Environmental or site related gapping may occur over time. Gapping is not a manufacture defect. Damages or failure of floor to adhere to subfloor resulting from excessive moisture, alkali and or hydrostatic pressure. Floor products sold as irregulars or second quality which is sold as is. Damage due to radiant heat floors, Flooring installed outdoors. Deficiencies related to subfloor/floor joist assemblies, subfloor preparation materials & fasteners including, but not limited to uneven subfloor, floor deflection or voids in subfloor. Squeaky, creaky or noisy floors are not covered. Damage to surrounding structure, walls, subfloors, fixtures, furniture, underlayments, moldings, trims, subfloor, heating elements or anything that is not the floor or plank. Color variations between samples, printed illustrations, dye lots, age of material, and the actual production runs. Discoloration due to use of rubber-backed mats, coco-fiber mats, solvent-based polishes, oil or petroleum-based products or cleaners or asphalt tracked in from driveways or parking lots. Reduction of gloss from use. Loss of gloss overtime is consistent with normal wear & tear and is not a product flaw. Natural changes in color from exposure to natural and UV light. Installation over gypcrete or other similar materials that have not been first sealed with a product expressly approve by Calcore or acting dealer in writing prior to installation. Residential or Commercial installation with heavy wheeled vehicle traffic that permanently indents or damages the flooring. This warranty is made solely to the original purchaser of the flooring. Warranty is not transferable under any circumstance. This limited warranty is expressly in lieu of any other expressed warranty whether oral or written.

Terms of Residential, Multi and Commercial Limited Warranties

Within One Year

Claims on defects of this product as covered by this warranty that are reported in writing within on year of purchase. Calcore will arrange a credit based on the original purchase of the product or replace the product . Reasonable labor costs are included.

Between Year One- Five

Claims on defects of this product as covered by this warranty, that are reported in writing after one year but within five years of purchase, Calcore will arrange credit based on the original purchase of the product or replace the product.  Calcore will pay 50% of reasonable labor cost.

Between Year Five -Ten

Claims on defects of this product, as covered by this warranty, that are reported in writing after five years but within ten years of purchase, Calcore will arrange a credit based on the original purchase of the product or replace the product. Labor costs are not included.

After Ten Years

Commercial and Multi Family warranty is expired. Only Residential warranty applies. Calcore to provide sufficient replacement or repair product. Labor costs will not be reimbursed.

How to Make a Claim

Any claim made under either of these limited warranties must be made by contacting your retailer with 30 days after the basis of the claim is detected. In addition, any claim under either of these limited warranties must be made before the end of the applicable limited warranty period. Proof of purchase including the date of purchase, must be presented to make a claim.