WPC / SPC Warranty

This warranty information is for Waterproof Core products including Seattle XL Series, Portland Series, Medford Series, Spokane Series, Vancouver XL Series, and Carissima Series.

Calcore offers a Limited Lifetime Residential and 15 year Limited Light Commercial Walk Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Exclusive Limited Warranty

Seattle XL, Portland, Medford, Spokane, Vancouver XL, or Carissima Series Flooring by Calcore warrants that its flooring will be free from manufacturing defects and, under normal use and maintenance, will not wear resulting in loss of original pattern.

Pre-Installation Limited Warranty

Calcore warrants that this product is free of visual defects. you and/or your installer should not be installed. Calcore will not be responsible for any claim for product installed with visual defects, but will give credit or exchange deemed manufactured uninstalled Stone Composite Flooring boards.

Wear Limited Warranty

Calcore Flooring is protected with a wear layer that contains Aluminum Oxide, therefore Calcore warrants that there will be no wear-through of the wear layer for the amount of years indicated for the specific product from normal traffic or maintenance. “Wear-through” refers to complete loss of the wear layer so that the printed design layer is changed or affected.
  • This Limited Warranty only applies provided the recommended installation and maintenance procedures are followed.
  • If product is found to be defective Calcore will supply new Stone Composite product of the same or similar style, size, color, grade, and gauge for replacement of the defective area and will pay reasonable labor cost if it was professionally installed or will repair defects.
  • If Calcore repairs or replaces as result of warranty claim, you will be required to clear, at your own expense, any items placed over affected areas subsequent to the original installation.
  • Labor must be provided by a certified professional flooring installer, using the guidelines put forth by Calcore in the installation and Maintenance instructions. The cost of replacement/repair labor by a professional installer must be approved by Calcore.
  • Multifamily use of Wear Limited warranty will be covered for units and common areas under the specific Commercial Warranty associated with the product.

Exclusions To Limited Warranty

  • Dissatisfaction due to improper installation or maintenance
  • For products sold as “Do It Yourself” no labor cost will be provided as part of this warranty
  • Damages resulting from misuse or abuse including, but not limited to: scratches, cuts, burns, stains, indentations, improper or insufficient maintenance, use of steam cleaners, vacuum cleaner beater bars, improper rolling loads, caster wheels, chairs or other furniture without proper floor protection.
  • Direct sunlight baking floor. The floor needs protection from extended sunlight exposure. Sunlight coming directly through a window will add to the heat on the surface of the floor. We recommend blinds, shears or solar film to help disperse the sunlight.
  • Damages or failure of floor to adhere to subfloor resulting from excessive moisture, alkali and/or hydrostatic pressure. (Steps in most cases)
  • Floor products sold as irregulars or second quality which is sold as is
  • Color variations between samples or printed illustrations and actual production runs.
  • Discoloration due to use of rubber-backed mats, coco-fiber mats, solvent-based polishes or cleaners or asphalt tracked in from driveways or parking lots.
  • Reduction of gloss from use
  • Installation of plywood, gypcrete, or other similar materials that have not been first sealed with a product expressly approved by Calcore in writing prior to installation.
  • Residential or Commercial installation with heavy wheeled vehicle traffic that permanently indents or damages the flooring.
This warranty is made solely to the original purchaser of Seattle XL, Portland, Medford, Spokane, Vancouver XL, or Carissima Series Stone Composite Flooring and is not transferable under any circumstance. This limited warranty is expressly in lieu of any other express warranty whether oral or written.